Henson-MongoDB is a library that helps to easily integrate MongoDB into a Henson application.


Henson-MongoDB can be installed with:

$ python -m pip install Henson-MongoDB


Henson-MongoDB is not yet available on the Python Package Index.


The following configuration settings can be added to the application.

MONGODB_URI The connection string URI used to connect to the server and provide any configuration not covered by other Henson-MongoDB settings.
MONGODB_DOCUMENT_CLASS The default class to use for documents returned by queries. Default: dict.
MONGODB_TIME_ZONE_AWARE Whether or not datetime instances returned as values will be time zone aware. Default: False.

The following values can be specified through the MONGODB_URI setting.

database The name of the database to make available through the db attribute.
replicaset The name of the replica set to which to connect.
username The username to use for authentication. If provided, password must also be provided.
password The password to use for authentication. If provided, username must also be provided.
ssl Whether or not to use SSL/TLS.
authMechanism The mechanism to use for authentication. The supported types are DEFAULT and MONGODB-X509.
ssl_certfile The path to the certificate file when using X.509.
ssl_ca_certs The path to the certificate authority when using X.509.
max_pool_size The maximum number of connections to each server allowed. Requests will block if the number of connections is exceeded.
auto_start_request Whether or not to connect to the server immediately. If not, connection will be established on the first operation. Default: False.


from henson import Application
from henson_mongodb import MongoDB

app = Application('application-with-mongodb')
app.settings['MONGODB_URI'] = 'mongodb://localhost/henson'

mongo = MongoDB(app)

async def run(app, message):
    characters = await mongo.db.puppets.find({'show': message['show']})
    return characters

app.callback = run

Henson-MongoDB is powered by Motor. For further details about how to interact with the database, please refer to the Motor tutorial.


class henson_mongodb.MongoDB(app=None)[source]

An interface to interact with MongoDB.


Shortcut to the database object.


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